Month: October 2020

3 great ways to help online wholesalers achieve high sales

In the current era of technology 4.0, online selling is an effective form of business. Not only for retail but when grasping this trend, wholesaling can also achieve high results. So is there any great way to wholesale online to spend the biggest revenue?

Test first with AdWords

Test first with AdWords

AdWords is a popular form of advertising by Google. They are widely used by
individuals, organizations, businesses and companies to advertise their products
and services on all popular search pages today. Like Google, Youtube or other

Using AdWords, search speed and reach to customers are greatly expanded.
These AdWords ad campaign settings are also incredibly simple. Within a few
minutes you are ready to create, including text, images and videos, …

What’s more, AdWords has a lot of options. You can easily choose according to
your advertising purpose. Your ad will show up immediately on google search
results when customers type in keywords, even related keywords.


Blogging for sales marketing

Blogging for sales marketing

Currently, there are many businesses and wholesale organizations also using
their own website to sell goods. However, not all companies are successful.

One of the reasons for this is the lack of writing updates and providing
information to customers. Meanwhile, this is important information, enticing,
attracting potential customers to the item that you wholesale.

However, you also need to pay attention to how to post. You should only
provide essential content to your customers. At the same time, it is necessary to
present in a scientific and attractive way. It should not be complicated.

Use statistical tools

Use statistical tools

And another great trick that can not be ignored when selling online is the use of
statistical tools. These tools will help you to accurately statistics the number of
visitors to the website, the products they are interested in, the sales of each item,

Through these numbers, you will determine the needs of customers when
accessing the website. From there, you will understand which products they are
interested in? Should you sell or not sell this product anymore?, …

Above are 3 great online wholesale tricks with high sales. Alternatively, if you
need to source wholesale goods in Poland, go to the Wólka Kosowska
wholesale center. A diversified source of goods with good prices helps you to do
business effectively..

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Hurtownia odzieży is a familiar place in Wólka Kosowska specializing in the wholesale of children’s clothing in Poland. Over the past 15 years, this has been the convergence of many large children’s clothing shipments from Iatlia to small businesses in Poland. This business area is very busy, full of models and quantity, mainly imported from Spain, Portugal, Italy,…

Business situation in Poland

The wholesalers of children’s clothing hurtownia odzieży dziecięcej in Poland for many years identified that there was no year with many changes as this year. However, the situation of the clues is still under control. Goods are provided enough, production companies, transport operators still comply with the contract. So small trader, fashion shop owners, raw material companies do not have any problems. In contrast, shoes, children’s clothes are fully sold in shops, stores, markets … by the end of this year, the number is increasing rapidly.

The reason to repeat this to confirm with you this is the result of a long process. From the results of the community building process, the association was methodical right from the time there were a few small businesses. This is the achievement of solidarity, mutual affection, mutual support and mutual support. Therefore, a country that prohibits immigration from Syria like Poland warmly welcomes true traders, allowing them to sell, live and their children to go to school.

Why choose to wholesale children’s clothing?

This year, many people have opened stores and businesses. The main area is to wholesale children’s clothing; wholesale Italian clothing; wholesale women’s shoes … but wholesaling children’s clothes is more selective, easier to wholesale, less inventory, diverse designs, no fussy customers.

Large dealers always have to commit to provide the latest models from fashion brands in Italy, Spain,… from high-end products, popular brands … depending on capital, business locations, and the preferences of the merchant. In addition, for those who are new to opening stores, there are also support to introduce the location, the documents in the host country … it sounds less important, but when in a foreign country you will understand the value of for this help.

Finally, the longtime focal points always want to affirm, even though they are wholesalers of fashion clothes, accessories, shoes … but must always maintain their reputation in the community here. Almost 60% of people in the Polish suburbs of Warsaw, Wólka Kosowska … buy from familiar and reputable stores.

You can contact if you need help or recommend the source of the goods.